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You need professional pixels.

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That's what we're here for.

Our name is Loquat Creative. We are a small but mighty digital identity, design, development and marketing firm based (mostly) in NYC, which we find extremely agreeable.

For 15 years (and counting) our commitment to great work and  individualized attention has set us apart from our competitors and rewarded us with a long list of happy clients. We know that your pixels are a vital part of your endeavor; we know how important it is to approach each and every project with fresh ideas and equally fresh pixels. 

We have earned a reputation for integrity, technological excellence and an unsurpassed level of client relations.  


What we do



We work hand-in-hand with our clients through brainstorming, discovery, design, development, and training to ensure that each client gets exactly what they need for a reasonable cost. With expertise in a full spectrum of tools, we're committed to using the right ones to meet each client's needs.

logos/print/graphic design


A logo is the basic building block for any brand. It's the visual representation of you, the thing that communicates to the world who you are and what you stand for. We understand that it's vitally important to get this right, and we will work tirelessly with you to do just that.

marketing/seo/content strategy


Quality traffic is crucial to your online success. Our smart organic marketing strategies are solidly built on data, skill, and a keen eye for trends. We'll custom-tailor a research-based plan that meets your needs and make sure you know how to execute it to get results.


What we've been up to...

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Ok, but...

I don't need a website, I just need Jena's Brain

Outside of her work at Loquat, Jena occasionally rents her brain to clients who are in need of some serious creative thinking and problem solving on all kinds of projects, digital or otherwise. She's known for her writing, editing, cool-hunting, marketing, business development, and general, all-around awesome-idea-having prowess, and she's helped many a company and individual take smart steps towards "figuring it out"...whatever "it" may be.  If you're not looking for pixels per se, but think a few hours of consulting and brainstorming might help, you could probably benefit from Jena's Brain.